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OP seeds are seeds that are genetically identical to the mother plant from which the seed originated. OP varieties are also known as Heirloom seeds, which are seed varieties that have been passed down through generations through families or communities. Hybrid seed is the seed that has two different parents of the same species that have been selected for certain traits in a controlled environment. The seeds produced will not be genetically identical to the parent plants. Please note that hybrids are NOT genetically modified. See below for more information on hybrid seeds vs. OMG.

Hybrid seeds select traits from different parent plants for a beneficial result. GMO seeds are genetically manipulated in their genes to make the seed more beneficial.

HEKTAR seeds are coated in a solution that does not contain intentionally added microplastics. It consists of natural components without any chemical or synthetic product.

It does not require any drying process after coating and leaves the environment without harmful residues.

Our seeds and consumables are available throughout the year. Germination testing continues on a regular basis and we deliver seed throughout the year. Occasionally, a variety becomes unavailable due to crop failure, short supply or sale due to high demand.

All our seed batches are periodically tested for germination. The percentage that germinates in our tests is printed on the quality document that accompanies the goods. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further advice or, despite maintaining the proper conditions, your seeds do not germinate.